OK, I'm interested but How It Works ?

Receipt of goods
& quality control

All products received by our warehouses are subject to visual checks and prepared for handling.

Storage of goods
on paletts or shelves

The products are stored on pallets or shelves according to their packaging.

In coming online order
from your shop

All sales you make are received by us in real time. We are ready to process them.

Order fulfillment
(Picking & Packing)

Our team immediately start Picking & Packing and carefully prepare your customers orders.

Shipping to the customer

As soon as the orders are ready, we send them to your customer by the most appropriate mode of transport.

Shipment tracking

You and your customer can keep track at all times of each stage of the delivery process, thanks to our tracking software.

Processing returns

Sometimes the order does not quite match with your customer’s expectations. We manage the returns and repackaging of products.

Is everything clear?

It’s not the kind of choice you can make without trying out the services.
That’s why we offer you a free trial of LOGIPOLIS services

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